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after effect intro Learn how to edit or customize an After Effects template. This tutorial is mainly for beginners- those who own After Effects and are some what familiar with the interface. I’ll walk you through the process of importing assets (3 different ways) and changing your text. Be sure to checkout our other tutorials for beginners!

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Adobe once Effects is that the trade customary for motion graphics and is liable for the best animations you see on-line. All you wish could be a stunning, professionally-designed model. during this post, we’ll use a company presentation model to make a promo video for a music college. Here’s the ultimate product:

After Effects Before you start

Before diving into AE, produce a folder on your laptop to accommodate the assets that you simply arrange to use, like pictures, video, and music. Here’s why: after you import files to AE, AE can still seek for the files within the location from that you foreign them. So, let’s say you’ve got your assets opened up everywhere your desktop then mid-project you opt to pop them into a folder. AE won’t recognize wherever you’ve stirred the files. it’ll prompt you to relink them—not the tip of the planet, however you’ll be able to avoid the additional work if you begin on the correct (organized!) foot.

Opening the File

Upon gap the document, you will get associate degree alert that the program has to convert the file to your version of once Effects. plow ahead and convert the file; this generally means the creator created the model on a computer and you’re employing a macintosh, or vice-versa. The second alert that you simply could get is that the model uses fonts that aren’t put in on your laptop. If you wish to use those actual fonts, simply note the names and you’ll be able to transfer and install them singly. instead, you will like better to use similar fonts or others that suit your complete tips.

Meet the Project Panel

Once the document is open, take a glance around. On the left facet of your Project panel, you’ll see 3 sorts of items: Folders, Compositions, and Assets. Compositions—or “comps”—are containers that hold layers of video, audio, images, text, shapes, and more. Comps every have their own timeline and may be nested inside each other. within the Project panel, you’ll see comps portrayed as icons with multi-colored shapes. Assets are portrayed as icons such as you would see on your desktop; they vary counting on the file kind. Folders, portrayed by a folder icon (easy!), are there to arrange the full factor because the Project panel will get a bit packed.

Replacing Files

You’ll got to open up some folders and appearance round the Project panel to find the components that you simply wish to edit. Typically, there are placeholders that you simply can got to replace with photos or videos. to switch associate degree plus, merely right-click thereon and select “replace footage.” within the example below, notice there are 2 things listed within the Project panel with identical name, “Place1.2.” The file we wish to switch is solely a solid, portrayed by the colour of the solid. the opposite item with identical name could be a comp. A comp can’t be replaced with a file. during this example, the comp underneath the “Image Holders” folder is employed for resizing and adjusting the image itself.

The Main Comp

There can be one comp—called one thing like “Main”—that will hold the opposite comps, moreover as master settings (such as colors) for the full piece. Keep this comp receptive watch your progress and edit the universal settings. To edit the colours of different style parts, use the most Comp to find the settings layer.

Delete What You Don’t would like

Once you’ve scoped out your document, delete any sections that you simply don’t arrange to use. confine mind that you simply may solely wish one scene during a multi-scene file! Deleting excess parts can create it easier to visualize what you’re operating with. during this example, we have a tendency to cut out regarding 1/2 the project.

Editing Text

You may got to amendment the text fonts and colours to suit your complete, or maybe to create the text legible against the background. you’ll be able to realize the text comps within the Project panel and use the text tool to kind. Use the text controls to regulate the colour, size, and font.

Make it Your Own with Music

When we updated the representational process within the model, the enclosed music didn’t very work any longer. to create the project additional cohesive, we have a tendency to grabbed a rock song from our audio library. The rock song work the video far better than the initial song, therefore don’t be afraid to experiment with audio!

Optimize Performances

If you don’t often use graphics-intensive applications, you will not have a laptop with the counseled computing power for AE. One simple trick to boost performance is to lower the playback resolution. whereas you’re employed, you’ll watch the project playback during a lower quality, however it’ll still export at full quality. realize additional tips for optimizing performance here.

Export It

When you’re able to export, navigate to File > Export > increase Render Queue. this can open a tab within the timeline space wherever you’ll be able to modify your settings. If you wish a smaller file, attend “Render Settings” to regulate the file quality. underneath “Output Module” you’ll be able to select your format (Quicktime works well) and codec (H.264 can give high-quality video at a lower file size). wherever it says, “Output to,” click the default computer file name to rename your project and select wherever you wish to avoid wasting the file.

There you’ve got it! once Effects takes some obtaining wont to, however operating with a model could be a good way to urge to grasp the interface and tools whereas achieving nice results. simply bear in mind that not all templates are created with identical structure. every model can take a bit little bit of exploring, however as you become additional conversant in once Effects, you’ll feel additional and more leisurely diving in.


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